”Mom From Hell” Sentenced for Beating Son

A Pennsylvania "mom from hell" learned her fate after she plead guilty to simple assault in the beating of her 11-year-old son.

Samantha Starnes acquired the moniker from Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood who said that was the only way to describe a mother who beat her son.

Starnes' 11-year-old son walked into the Upper Darby Community Policing Center last month with 27 bruises and welts on his body. A social worker took the child in. The boy said his mother beat him with a belt and her fist for not doing chores.

The mother pleaded guilty to simple assault and received probation. She must undergo anger management classes and drug and alcohol evaluation. Contact with the victim is to be determined by Children and Youth Services.

Authorities said she beat the child for not folding his clothes properly and for not washing the dishes. 

“She really needs some help,” said a neighbor. “They shouldn’t let her a** out of jail, no offense. Keep her in jail.”

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