Mod PoP Shop Palm Springs

Stevo Cambronne

SWANKY SHOP: While some might think of Palm Springs Modernism Week as being tours, more tours, and some other tours, it isn't (but, let's be honest; there are a lot of toodles around town during the 11-day celebration). And while we're indeed tour-mad, we like to spotlight the other spots that aren't necessarily tour-focused but rather are whooping-it-up, mid-century-style, in other ways. The Mod PoP Shop Palm Springs is one.

ART, FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY: And other lookable, enjoyable, artsy things are at the heart of the North Palm Canyon vintage nexus Mod PoP Shop. A general love-a-thon of "Swanky Things" is promised, and we can all get behind that. Our favorite Mod Week Mod PoP Shop to-do? The Audrey Hepburn look-a-like contest on Saturday, Feb. 26. But who's showing with Cat?

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