‘Miracle Dog’ Released From Hospital

A dog on the brink of death was rescued when a Mira Loma man found her lying in the middle of the road.

miracle dog recovering
Courtesy of David Loop

What began as a Mira Loma man's drive to work ended up as a rescue of a dog on the brink of death.

David Loop was on his way to work Friday, July 31 when he spotted a dog on the road. The female pooch, now known as Miracle, was lying in the middle of Rubidoux Boulevard in Jurupa Valley, with her body stretched across two lanes. Loop didn't think Miracle was still alive and he wanted to move her out of the roadway. He turned his vehicle around, got out of the car, and carried her to the side of the road.

"I couldn't stand the thought of her being ran over again," he said.

He resolved to leave Miracle where he placed her under the impression she was dead. As he was leaving, he saw ants crawling and her and decided to move her again. To his surprise, she blinked.

Loop took her to Bloomington Valley Animal Hospital, where she was examined.

"When I was going there, I thought I was just going to have to examine her and euthanize her to put her out of her misery, that's how bad she looked," he said.

But the veterinarians at the hospital were able to stabilize the blind and unconscious dog and diagnosed her with a broken femur. They said she would need 24-hour care, and transferred her to California Veterinary Specialists in Ontario.

Miracle regained consciousness Sunday morning. Veterinarians said in addition to her broken femur, she had a fractured pelvis, but they would only operate if she continued to improve. After steadily improving through the next two days, Miracle had a successful operation.

Although she's covered in staples and still heavily bruised from the ordeal, doctors expected to reunite Miracle with her rescuer Saturday. Loop plans on rehabilitating her for a few days before she is adopted by his mother.

Loop said he's received messages from people around the world who have been following Miracle's recovery..

"To me, as her name implies, it's a complete miracle," he said.

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