Minnie Driver Already Thinking About Baby No. 2

Michaela Yurick

Minnie Driver has been a parent for just two months now, but she told Ellen DeGeneres, she’s already thinking about expanding her family.

“I’d have another one,” Minnie said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” in an episode airing Friday.

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“Really?” asked Ellen.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Minnie replied.

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As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Minnie gave birth to her first child, Henry Story Driver, in September. The little boy, who was born in Los Angeles, weighed 9lbs., 12 oz., at birth, making Henry Story one of the biggest celebrity babies born this year.

And Ellen had fun with the fact Henry was born a big boy, giving the new mom a large onesie with the message “I may be BIG… but my mom is Minnie,” to the actress’ delight.

Minnie addressed her big baby’s birth, saying she only recently examined snaps of the delivery day.

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“I’ve only just managed to look at the pictures of the birth,” Minnie admitted. “I only looked at a few pictures and they do make you kind of go, ‘Owwww! Ouch!’ But then you think…”

“Then you go, ‘I’ll do it?’” Ellen asked.

“Then I look at him. I want another one of them,” Minnie smiled.

Perhaps one reason Minnie wants another child is because Henry is a good little baby.

“Very easy. He is,” she said. “He sleeps and smiles as far as I can make out.”

But he doesn’t quite fit into newborn clothing.

“He was a pumpkin for Halloween. Except it didn’t fit him because he was so big,” Minnie said. “We had to cut the feet off but he wore orange and black spider socks but his diaper… I would hold him facing out because on the back there was just this huge triangle where his diaper showed because we couldn’t close it.”

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