Chicago Woman Says She Was Billed for Mexico Uber Ride She Didn’t Take

A Chicago woman was billed $40 for an Uber trip in Mexico, a surprising expense considering she had not been to Mexico.

Dr. Jennifer Kim received an alert Sunday morning from the ridesharing app notifying her of a 728 peso Uber trip she said she never took. She forwarded the receipt to customer service.

"They basically said, 'Sorry, you should think about changing your password,'" Kim said. '"Maybe you lent it to friend who used it while they were Mexico. A lot of people do that. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to refund your money.'"

Kim said the response was unexpected.

"I was really surprised that this was their offhanded and very casual response to something that must happen to other people," Kim said.

She then changed her password and took her credit card off of her account.

The company refunded Kim the money after being contacted by NBC Chicago, adding in an emailed statement: "She was misinformed by a customer service rep."

Regardless, Kim said she is no longer an Uber customer.

“I don’t know if I can trust them or if I would reuse their app again because this was handled poorly," she said. "That’s what really surprised me, and dismayed me and disappointed me."

Uber said customers who encounter these kinds of problems should contact the company's 24-hour support team.

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