Mega Christmas Boutique to Captivate Corona del Mar

"Enchanted Christmas" at Roger's Gardens is ready to summon the yuletide's over-the-top twinkle.

TRUTH? It's not Christmas yet. It's not even Thanksgiving. And Halloween? That's still four frightful weeks out. But when you're a major garden shop, and home-decorating destination, you just can't wait for the first carols to be played over the loudspeaker of your local grocery store. You've got to fa, la, la into action, fast, and you need to bigger and brighter than most anyone else can manage way before they can manage it. It's Roger's Gardens, of Corona del Mar, we're talking about here, one of...

THE BEAUTIFUL BEHEMOTHS... in California's cozy-making home-comfy, garden-pretty market. And, each fall, it stages a huge yuletide boutique, packed with thousands of glittery gewgaws and cheery baubles. The display is made for shopping, and possibly buying, yes, but people do visit simply to soak up some visual inspiration and pre-seasonal splendor. And that splendor will begin to twinkle at the garden-grand location on Friday, Oct. 4. As with the famous Halloween boutique at Roger's Gardens, it is imperative to visit...

THE CHRISTMAS SHOP... early, if you'd like to view everything in its well-designed setting before the merry merchandise gets plucked up by shoppers. The theme for 2019? Think of a fantastical forest, one filled with "sparkling toadstools" and pine-green details. It's all free to see, and is one of the majors on the get-merry front in Orange County. No, it isn't Christmas yet, but those who decorate for the holidays, and craft, and entertain, have already begun to connect with the yuletide in art-filled, heart-gladdening ways.

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