Meg Whitman: San Francisco Republican

Voter registration record from '80s turns up in San Francisco

Former eBay CEO and current gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman was registered to vote as a Republican while living in San Francisco from 1982 to 1985, according to local records.

There is no indication whether she actually voted, though she said she voted for former President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Santa Clara county officials did find a registration record from 1999 that the Whitman campaign provided a reference number for.

The records support Whitman's claims that she's been a staunch Republican, even though she didn't register as a Republican until five years after registering to vote in San Mateo County.

And while she has admitted her voting record was terrible, this latest revelation shows a modicum of political engagement over the last three decades.

The episode does raise doubt about Whitman's political skills, though: Wouldn't it be better to admit she failed as a voter and move on, rather than keeping the question of her voting record alive as the campaign heats up?

Jackson West wonders why the Whitman campaign didn't do this digging a long time ago.

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