Mary Lee, the Great White Shark, Makes Her Way Up Jersey Shore

A female great white shark named Mary Lee is making her way up the Jersey Shore, and she's letting her fans know exactly where she is by tweeting her progress.

Nonprofit group OCEARCH last spotted the 3,456-pound and16-foot-long shark at 4:45 a.m. Friday using a tracking device that alerts researchers with a ping each time her fin surfaces above the water. 

The shark has been "tweeting" each time her tracker pings in a new spot, as well sending cheeky responses to her loyal followers.

Mary Lee was last seen in the area almost three years ago when she emitted a signal near Cape Cod, Massachusetts in September 2012.

And in the last month, the big fish has experienced quite the adventure along the East Coast.

The great white was tracked about 20 miles off Assateague Island along the Delmarva Peninsula earlier this week. Mary Lee also pinged near North and South Carolina and paid a visit to Ocean City, Maryland last month.

While experts don't know the exact cause of what's keeping Mary Lee in the area, they believe it may be related to food.

Researchers continue to track her path as she swims along the East Coast shoreline. To track Mary Lee's movements, click here.

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