Marty Directing Leo in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

It's taken a few years to get the project lined up, but Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are finally heading to Wall Street together.

The fifth collaboration from Scorsese and DiCaprio will be an adaptation of Jordan Belfort's memoir, "The Wolf of Wall Street," reported Deadline.

Here's this from the Publisher's Weekly synopsis:

Belfort, who founded one of the first and largest chop shop brokerage firms in 1987, was banned from the securities business for life by 1994, and later went to jail for fraud and money-laundering, delivers a memoir that reads like fiction... The book's main topic is the vast amount of sex, drugs and risky physical behavior Belfort managed to survive.

Belfort hails from Queens and has the accent to back it up--watch the interview with him below.

Scorsese plans to first finish "Hugo Cabret" and then "Silence," while DiCaprio is currently shooting "J. Edgar" with Clint Eastwood, so it will be a little while before "The Wolf" gets under way.

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