Mark Zuckerberg Loves A New Year's Resolution

Mark Zuckerberg has a New Year's resolution each year, according to various reports, but still hasn't come clean about what he plans to do for 2015.

Earlier this month in a Facebook public Q-and-A, he admitted that he hadn't come up with a leading candidate yet. "It's too early!" Zuckerberg  exclaimed at the Dec. 11 meeting, according to CNBC.

Last year, he was supposed to write thank-you notes every day, but admitted it had been difficult because "he looks to improve people's actions rather than thank them for a job well done," or in other words, he's a critical boss. In 2013, he planned to meet a new person every day, which probably wasn't that hard for a wealthy chief executive with access to private planes, CNN reported. In 2012, he wanted to go back to coding, something he felt he lost touch with as Facebook's chief. In 2011, he said he would only eat animals that he killed, and in 2010 he "vowed to learn Mandarin." (Zuckerberg did seem to surprise a Chinese crowd with his Mandarin in October.)

For 2015, there haven't been many hints. Will it have to do with drones? Will it have to do with immigration, a cause he championed recently? We shall be hearing about it soon.

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