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Corgi Named Arthur ‘Miraculously' Survives Being Shot in the Head

“Arthur had been shot at an angle that miraculously missed his brain,” the PSPCA said

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A corgi is “lucky to be alive” after someone shot him between the eyes and seemingly left him for dead.

The pup, named Arthur, wandered into someone’s property in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, two weeks ago with a head wound that the property owners initially thought he’d gotten from crawling under their fence, the Pennsylvania SPCA said.

The PSPCA’s affiliate, Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester County, took Arthur in. That’s when veterinarians noticed that the wound was large and covered in debris, though Arthur was in too much pain for a full exam, the PSPCA said.

The next day, a vet sedated the pup to clean the wound and noticed that it looked like it had been caused by a bullet, according to the shelter. X-rays then confirmed the vet’s “grisly suspicions.”

“Arthur had been shot at an angle that miraculously missed his brain,” the PSPCA said.

However, Arthur suffered damage to his airway passage and mouth. He was also covered in fleas, had an ear infection and was anemic, according to the shelter.

The pup is still being treated, but he may still need specialty care to remove some remaining bullet fragments, the shelter said, adding that the wound is nonetheless healing “wonderfully” and his breathing has “vastly” improved.

The ordeal has not dented Arthur’s spirit, though. He is the “most gentle and friendliest boy,” and has a taste for chicken nuggets, the PSPCA said.

The PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team is investigating the case.

“We cannot imagine why anyone would shoot such a wonderful dog. But, our officers will do everything they can to find out,” the shelter said.

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