Lovable, Photographable, Soon: Ugliest Dog Contest

Have a snaggle-toothed hound? There's still time to enter.

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QUIRKY CANINE CONTEST: One could truthfully say that the internet is one giant morass of "awww"-inducing photos. You only need to click on three or four different links before you come across some animal playing a guitar or snoozing -- this is practically fact, right? -- and then the "awww"-ing begins. But few real-world, offline events can give the internet a run for its "awww"-some abilities like the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. Covered by every known form of media from practically every part of the planet, the Sonoma-Marin Fair event has catapulted to mega fame. It isn't hard to figure out why: People love dogs, and if those dogs happen to, um, have a certain distinct look? Our hearts grow three sizes, much like the Grinch. And while most of us just see pictures of the competition, some humorous hound lovers make the jump and actually enter. You can, too: Entries remain open for the Friday, June 21 happening, which happens to be the 25th year of the canine contest.

THE DOGLY DEAL: There's an entry form to fill out, and you'll need to submit a picture, and there's some vaccination stuff to consider as well before making for Petaluma. Top prize? One thousand, five hundred dollars, plus a trophy. And worldwide acclaim and affection for your sweet pet.

PREVIOUS WINNERS: If you follow the World's Ugliest Dog, you can see patterns. Hairless dogs show well, as do pups showing a certain snaggle-o-sity in their teeth region. But beauty, or non-beauty, is in the ocular region of the person looking at the pup, so whether you consider your hound a possible front-runner is up to you. And if you don't have a dog to enter? You can vote for the pup that is the, um, most charming, to your heart, soon. That will soon kick off, so watch the Ugliest Dog HQ for details.

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