Lilo’s Rehab Going Well, Say Parents, but Lovelace Role a Bad Move

Troubled starlet's parents agree that she's on the mend


So far, so good with the rehabilitation of Lilo, according to her parents, but her dad is not too keen on her rumored next role as porn casualty Linda Lovelace.

The trouble starlet is wearing a court-mandated ankle bracelet that monitors alcohol intake after an L.A. judge last month ordered her to stay away from booze and drugs and submit to random testing. It's only been two weeks, but her parents are crossing their fingers that the wild child actress can change her ways and reignite her career.

"She's fine, she's good," her mother, Dina, told People magazine.

"I am happy for her," added her father Michael Lohan, who met with his ex-wife in a New York Family Court to resolve child support issues on Thursday. "She's on the straight an narrow. I hope it continues."

But Lohan's father said he hates the idea of his 23-year-old daughter playing Lovelace in the upcoming film "Inferno." Early word is that the screenplay depicts the late adult movie legend being gang-raped, plied with drugs and abused. Not the best image for a young actress trying to get off the ropes.

"She better not do that Linda Lovelace movie," Lohan said. "Why would any parent want their daughter to do that?"

That their daughter is doing OK in rehab is not the only thing the estranged parents agree on these days. Access Hollywood reported the pair settled their child support issues amicably and that the former couple, after years of public feuding, plan to appear at Lindsay's next court date in L.A. on July 6.

Michael Lohan told Access he wasn't troubled that his daughter was showing off her new SCRAM bracelet by posing for photos.

"That doesn't bother me, I did [it] myself," he said, referring to a 2007 paparazzi photo shoot where he was photographed with a similar device on his own ankle.

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