Library Book Returned 32 Years Late

The librarian said no late fees will be attached to this book

Better late than never at a Northern California school where a library book originally checked out for "overnight use" has been returned 32 years later.

The book about birds was checked out from the Albany Middle School Library on May 19, 1981.

The full title is "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom."

It was just returned, in pretty good shape, in an envelope with no return address.

Unlike today's library books, it still carried a pouch inside the cover for a check-out slip. However, the name on the slip is hard to read, so they have no idea who sent it.

The library has no record of the book.

The librarian isn't sure what the school will do with it, since the text is a bit dated. It has a copyright of 1970/1971.

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