Libertarian Party Convention Could Shake Up Election

As many as 900 to 950 delegates of the 1047 are expected to attend

The Libertarian Party's nominating convention opens Friday in Orlando, Florida, where they will pick their candidates for president and vice president just as they have every four years for the past 45 years, NBC News reported.

But this year it is different. The two major party candidates are the most unpopular than any nominees in recent history. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's unfavorability ratings rest at historic highs among voters and 47 percent of respondents saying that they'd consider a third party candidate in the latest NBC News/WSJ poll.

With voters potentially looking for a third option and the Libertarian Party gaining widespread access on state ballots for November, the Libertarian Party could be in a coveted position heading into the general election.

As many as 900 to 950 delegates of the 1047 are expected to attend. This is likely to be the largest convention since the party's first convention 45 years ago. A candidate would have to obtain close to 500 delegates to win.

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