‘Let's get out of here': Bodycam video shows Florida officer rescue dog locked in hot car

The pup was found locked in the car in the city about 46 miles south of Tampa

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Police bodycam video shows how an officer rescued a dog from a hot car in Bradenton, Florida. 

The pup was found locked in the car, which was not running and had the windows cracked less than an inch, in the city about 46 miles south of Tampa on Monday.

"The dog appeared distressed and her owner couldn't be located," police said. "Fearing that without intervention she would suffer serious harm or death, an officer smashed a window."

The Bradenton Police Department identified the responding officer as Sgt. Bordin, who spoke to the dog during the rescue.

“I know buddy, I’m gonna get you out. You’re hot in there, I get it,” Bordin says as he puts on black gloves and readies his window-breaking tool. “Back up!”

He then makes a hole in the lower left side of the window. The whole thing cracks and Bordin peels the glass off in almost a single piece.  

Once the window is gone, the dog can be seen panting heavily. Bordin opens the door and tells the pup, "Let's get out of here."

She walks back and forth on the car seats to the officer and to another person who opened the driver's side door, before finally hopping out of the car, wagging her tail. 

Police said the temperature outside was at least 90 degrees.

"In 90-degree weather, the temperature inside your vehicle can reach 109 degrees in 10 minutes and 124 degrees in 30 minutes," the department said.

Authorities offered the rescued pup water. 

“The poor girl downed a liter of water before being taken for a checkup,” police said. She was "held in an air-conditioned patrol car until Animal Services took custody of her."

It appeared the dog had been left alone for some time, according to authorities.

“The dog's owner was located,” police said. "However, the dog remains in the custody of Animal Services while the investigation continues."

More details on the owners, including whether they were facing criminal charges, were not immediately provided.

Authorities warned others: "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS IN CARS!"

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