Fall Foliage

Leaf-Peeping to Soon Launch: Find Fall Color in Mono County

Seeking nature-based bliss come September or October? Begin mapping your picturesque itinerary now.


What to Know

  • Mono County Tourism shares great spots for leaf-peeping around the Eastern Sierra
  • Peaks vary, but often hit around early October in Mammoth Lakes and June Lake, while higher slopes see foliage in September
  • Cottonwoods, aspen, and oaks are just some of the color-changers you might see while exploring routes in and around Highway 395

EARLY STARTERS? You've likely seen a few, here and there, in late August. The slightly crimson buds opening up on the shrub in the corner of your yard, a golden spray of leaves up in the tree by your library, a crackly leaf rolling down the sidewalk. They're all portending that fall, and the fun of finding fall foliage, is on its way, if not soon, then in the coming weeks. These are the sorts of season-sweet signs that can prompt a leaf-peeper, be they seasoned or just starting out, to think about planning a tree-focused toodle in one of California's most foliage-fabulous expanses. And if you're gazing in the direction of the Eastern Sierra, that would surely be Mono County, which is home to a number of colorful canyons, peaks, and places of astounding autumn-a-tude.

MONO COUNTY TOURISM... just shared its Fall Color Drives suggestions, giving leaf lovers a promising prompt as we head into the final third of August. Where to even begin, though, planning your road trip? If you just can't wait for mid-autumn, Look first to Rock Creek Canyon, known for nine miles of "dense aspen groves... that are often the first of the season to turn orange and yellow." If sweeping vistas are more your thing, Summers Meadow is a sublime spot to land, and Green Creek Trail, too. It may still be warm, and your sweaters remain at the back of the closet, but the chance to bask in the brightness of bright leaves is not far down the lovely lane. Pop by here to jump-start your next (or first-ever) round of Eastern Sierra leaf-peepery.

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