Larry Flynt On Arnold Sex Scandal

Porn peddler in town promoting new book.

Getty Images

Larry Flynt is in San Francisco promoting his new book, "One Nation Under Sex," and had a few things to say about the Governator's recent sex scandal.

Flynt who has a standing $1 million reward for information about a presidential candidate's sexual misbehavior, is always trying alert the public of politicians' bad behavior.

Flynt said Arnold's behavior falls somewhere between President Bill Clinton's and John Edwards'.

"With Arnold, he didn't do it in the White House, he did it in his home, right under Maria's nose," Flynt told the Chron. "That's pretty tacky. That's moving you closer to a John Edwards, where John Edwards' behavior was so seedy he'll never recover."

Flynt went on: "Politicians have one thing in common: They have huge egos and these egos are fed through their sexual conquests. And that's what gets them in trouble," he said.

"It's one thing to have an affair or two and be discreet about what you're doing. It's another when they've been around so long and they think they're so powerful that they can get away with whatever they want to," he said. "That's when they trip themselves up."

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