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Dispute Over Funeral Doves Leads to Arrest of Man Who Had More Than 50 Guns at Huntington Beach Home

Dozens of unregistered guns and Nazi paraphernalia were found at the home, police say

A 51-year-old man accused of making criminal threats over a dispute involving a dove release at a funeral was in custody after police discovered an arsenal of weapons and Nazi memorabilia in his Huntington Beach home.

The suspect, identified as 51-year-old Mitchell Todd, was taken into custody Tuesday after Laguna Beach police served a search warrant at his home in the 15000 block of Cambay Lane and recovered more than 50 weapons, which included assault and sniper rifles, according to the Laguna Beach Police Department. Police served the search warrant at the home after a complaint of threats against a resident.

Laguna Beach police Sgt. Jim Cota said the threats stemmed from a dispute between Todd and a man who hired him to release doves at his adult son's funeral. Cota said the funeral ran long, angering Todd, who left before releasing the doves but still demanded payment.

He said the grieving father refused, after which Todd began making threatening calls and texts, most recently one that included the sound of a gun being readied to fire.

Police found 57 guns in Todd's home. Only 12 were registered.

It's not immediately clear if Todd has a lawyer.

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