“Bridesmaid” Co-Star: Kristen Wiig Could Do Sequel

Says it was a misunderstanding and Wiig is still open

Kristen Wiig refused to do a "Bridesmaids" sequel, according to reports last week, upset over a perceived slight on the part of Universal. It was hard to take such talk seriously--the refusal, not the anger--and sure enough, now comes word that her refusal was just a misunderstanding.

“She never said that she didn’t want to do it," Wiig's "Bridesmaids" co-star Wendi McClendon-Covey told E! "All she said was that she’s not working on it right this minute because someone gave her the opportunity to write and direct her own film so, duh, she’s going to do that first. So no. I think all she’s waiting for is for her and Annie [Mumulo] to come up with an idea that’s equally as good.”

Since the explosive success of "Bridesmaids," Wiig has received what surely seems like an endless barrage of requests and offers. And rather than simply cashing in, she's been carefully pursuing projects like "Imogene," about a woman who fakes suicide to win back her ex; "The Comedian," with Sean Penn and Robert De Niro; and the cryogenics comedy "Freezing People Is Easy." They all sound promising, but none scream "CASH GRAB!"

Rumor had it that Wiig took issue with a "Bridesmaids" bonus from Universal that she found insultingly small. We don't know anything about it (NBC-Universal in the parent company of this site), but we do know that saying you'll never do anything is bad business, and Wiig is no dummy. In fact, she's so smart that rather than letting this story rage uncontrolled, she pretty clearly called McClendon-Covey and asked to her put out the fire.

Now, making a "Bridemaids" without Wiig--that'd be unconscionably stupid. If the studio backed a truckful of gold bullion onto her front lawn while blaring Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" from a 20-foot stack of Marshall amps, she could find a way to forgive and forget.

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