Kiss and Make-Up: McCain Back on Letterman

Arizona senator's 13th visit will be first since angering host with "bailout" no-show

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Forgive and forget?

David Letterman, after unleashing a scathingly hilarious attack on Sen. John McCain last month for ditching his "Late Show," will get to interview the Republican presidential candidate on Thursday  –– if everything goes according to schedule.

It will be McCain's 13th visit to the CBS program but his first since he incensed Letterman by canceling last month.

Letterman was so unhappy when McCain sat for an interview with Katie Couric instead of him on Sept. 24, that he said "this just smells bad."

McCain had personally told Letterman that he had to rush back to Washington D.C. that night to shepherd the economic bailout crisis, but a internal network feed showed the senator, still in New York City, being interviewed on the CBS Evening News instead.

Letterman initially said that he felt like a "patriot" to let McCain off his commitment to deal with the economy but later commented, "now I'm feeling like an ugly date."

A McCain spokeswoman said at the time that because of the economic crisis, the campaign "felt this wasn't a night for comedy."

We'll see who laughs last on Thursday.

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