‘Kids Free' Month Kicks Off in San Diego

Several spots, including San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park, will waive admission for children, all month long.

ROAD TRIP! In the pantheon of word groupings that truly please, that pair up is rock solid. It has all of the promise of adventure, of fresh sights to see, of new people to meet and of a way to shake off the old, for a couple of days, and find yourself again. And if money can be saved along the way, too? Then "road trip" automatically becomes the best of all word groupings, just about ever. But the money-saving route to a road trip isn't always clear, and sniffing out savings and deals can become a task that becomes rather tiresome. Unless, of course, you're headed for San Diego, in October, and you've got young'uns in tow. For October 'round America's Finest City is...

KIDS-FREE MONTH, which means that, yes, your tots can enter many attractions, gratis, over 31 amazing fall days. There are asterisks, as you can expect, depending upon the destination. For the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park? Your little one should be age 11 or under. The age is 12 and under for free admission at the California Surf Museum. And at LEGOLAND? A full-priced adult ticket is necessary for the free one-day Child Hopper ticket. There are other things to know, so do read all about the place you'd like to visit with the fam on the main Kids Free site. Even sweller? 

HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS... are also on-board with this month-long promotion, in addition to attractions and theme parks and museums. So you could book your stay-over spot, and plan where you're eating out, and schedule all of your fun, and your small fry could get in free, or eat free, or enjoy outings at a discount, along the way. There are over 100 possibilities to browse, so best get browsing. Road trip? Such thrilling words, but so are "savings" and "freebies" and "deals." Again, check ages, asterisks, and the fine print, the enjoy one of the kid-coolest months in San Diego, a kid-cool place all year long.

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