Kentucky Approves Bill to Make ‘Doxing' Illegal After Covington Student's Online Backlash

"My family and I are living in a nightmare," the teenager's father said

Weeks after a Kentucky high school student says he was wrongly vilified following his interaction with a Native American protester, the state legislature is advancing a bill that would make it a crime to publish personal information of a child online with the intent to harass or intimidate.

A Kentucky state Senate committee approved Senate bill 240 on Wednesday. It would make it a misdemeanor to publish minors' information such as a home address or the school they attend, known as "doxing."

Three Democrats voted against the bill, citing concerns it would violate freedom of speech.

In January, 16-year-old Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann was targeted after his interaction with a Native American protester was posted online.

Sandmann's father, Ted, told lawmakers his family is living in a nightmare.

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