Keeping Warm With Belgian Beer at Vol De Nuit

The glass sizes are not terribly large, and most of the prices are a little higher than expected. While there is an upstairs, you’ll want to stay as close to the bar as possible, because chances are you’ll be finishing your drink pretty quickly.

However, what makes up for these things is the sheer taste present in every glass you order. It’s hard to go wrong with their menu, as a sip of any given libation is infused with more flavor than anything you’ll find at your local grocery or liquor store. 

Pairing the beers with their house fries is a no brainer, as the frites are the perfect compliment to pretty much anything on tap. This, along with the appropriately dim lighting and conservative size of the establishment, make for a tremendously enjoyable experience that is evocative of a chilly night in Belgium spent indoors. 

If you’re looking to truly enjoy what you’re drinking, and don’t mind snuggling up to your neighbor, make sure to check out Vol De Nuit.

Vol de Nuit
148 W 4th St.
New York, 10012

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