Junger's “Restrepo” Heading to Nat Geo

If you can't make it to Sundance, don't fret, there will be ample opportunity to see "Restrepo," the new documentary about U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Sebastian Junger, author of "The Perfect Storm" and Vanity Fair photographer Tim Hetherington spent a year documenting life with the Second Platoon in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley, a notoriously dangerous Taliban and Al Qaeda stronghold. When PFC Juan Restrepo was killed in combat, his fellow soldiers named their outpost in his honor.

"This is an entirely experiential film: our cameras never leave the valley, we don't interview generals or diplomats," Junger and Hetherington wrote on the film's website. "Our goal is to make you feel as though you have just done a 90-minute deployment. This is war, full stop."

Junger's time in Afghanistan was also the source of his upcoming "War."

The film is part of the Sundance film festival's opening night gala and will air on National Geographic in the fall. They're still looking for theatrical distribution.

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