July Flavor: World's Largest Salmon BBQ

It's a Fort Bragg tradition, right around each Fourth of July.

YOU JUST CAN'T PREDICT... how a longtime salmon fan will describe their favorite fish, in terms of flavor, texture, and such. Sure, "meaty" gets trucked out quite a bit, and "flaky," too, as well as hundreds of other descriptive terms that eventually all lead back to "salmon-y," which is, without quibble, the thing that salmon mostly is, without fail. And if you get into a passionate discussion about cedar planks, and the presence of rosemary sprigs, and toppings like chimichurri and maple drizzles? You could spend the better part of an afternoon drilling down into what is the optimal way to prepare the popular piscine staple, and what is the perfect addition, once it is on the plate and ready to serve. But we spotlight the word "popular" in that sentence, and the fact that salmon populations along our state's northern coast line do face some thorny problems, so much so that organizations like the Salmon Restoration Association stay involved and committed to "salmon population issues, both in streams and the ocean." An annual summertime fundraiser called the...

WORLD'S LARGEST SALMON BBQ... highlights the group's work, while gathering together a bunch of salmon fans for an old-school cookout, one that takes place close to the water. The 2017 feast will happen on Saturday, July 1, and an adult ticket is $25, plus an additional service fee. How will that money be used? It will "...fund actual restoration of legacy logging and development scarred streams and rivers, as well as community education." Summoning back salmon is an important goal, and while discussions of baking methods and complementary sides are popular among fish-minded chefs, caring for the fish population from the outset takes the front seat. For more info, on both the Fort Bragg barbecue and what the organization does, swim over here.

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