Jon Stewart Spares Pal Weiner Full “Daily Show” Treatment

Jon Stewart only briefly addressed the sex scandal involving his friend, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, on Monday's "Daily Show."

Hours after Weiner admitted he’d lied about sending a lewd photo to a young woman on Twitter and said confessed to engaging in “inappropriate” online relationships with a half-dozen other women, Stewart kicked off his show by saying, “we got one for you tonight.”

"I don't know what to do anymore!" Stewart said, "It's killing me."

Stewart then riffed on a shirtless photo of Weiner that was posted on conservative activist Andrew Breitbart’s Monday. The camera zoomed in on Weiner’s chest to show James Franco “trapped” between the congressman’s pecs. The scene was pulled from last year’s “127 Hours.”

“That’s some cleavage,” Stewart joked, before cutting to news footage of Weiner’s tearful apology to his wife and constituents.

“At 4:25 East Coast time this story officially became sad,” Stewart said. He then moved on to other topics.

When the scandal first emerged last week, Stewart had said he was conflicted over cracking jokes at Weiner’s expense because the pair had been friends for more than two decades.

He was adamant that there was “no way” the photo of a man’s bulging underwear could belong to Weiner.

"In real life, my memory is that this cat had a lot more Anthony and a lot less Weiner,” Stewart said in the May 31 broadcast. “This is not what I remember."

Meanwhile, on “The Colbert Report,” the faux-conservative Stephen Colbert was sympathetic to Weiner tweeting the racy pictures. “The guy’s my age and he’s totally cut,” Colbert said, saying he was making the “moral choice” to let himself go.

“I am in no way tempted to share this with anybody,” Colbert added, rubbing his stomach.

Other late night hosts chose to skewer Weiner with more obvious parallels.

Jay Leno congratulated Weiner for waiting to speak to the press, saying, “Apparently, he wanted to wait [until] his pants came back from the dry cleaners.”

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