Johnson County Blast Killed Woman; Destroyed Dream Home

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed the identity of a woman found deceased in the wreckage of her exploded home.

Wanda Buckley Davis, 62, lived in the 4,000-square-foot log cabin-style home west of Grandview with her husband, Gary Wagoner, who relatives said was out of town on business during the explosion.

According to authorities the home exploded at about 11 p.m. Saturday, the result of a propane leak.

Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford told NBC DFW he believes leaked gas had been building in the basement of the home and was sparked by a nearby water heater.

According to Alford, dispatch received calls from Keene, Cleburne, Rio Vista, and Hill County. And neighbors were the ones who found the destroyed home in the 6600 block of East Farm-to-Market Road 916 near County Road 408.

Neighbors living about one mile from the blast told NBC DFW they first thought the impact was an earthquake, because it “shook our house for a bit.”

Niece Melanie Broyles told NBC DFW the couple considered the log cabin-style home their “dream home.”

"We'd pretty much all wanted to go to Aunt Wanda's house - it was big, nice,” she said. "This is where we had Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas dinners with the family."

"Some people saying it sounded like a bomb went off,” she added, describing the blast.

Broyles shared a picture of her aunt and uncle that she said was blown from the home to the property’s tree line in the blast.

She describes the two as “like teenagers.”

“[They] loved each other to death - they'd go everywhere together, do everything together."

Relatives told NBC DFW they were able to reach Wagoner on Sunday afternoon and that he had abandoned his business trip, instead driving for home.

Investigators maintain that the blast was accidental.

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