Johnny Weir's ‘Hunger Games' Coif Sets Twitter Alight

Two-time Olympian Johnny Weir made his mark on the world of figure skating thanks in part to his extravagant costumes. But the former figure skater takes plenty of fashion risks off the ice, too.

Weir, who teamed up with former Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski as figure skating analysts during the 2018 Winter Games, has captivated NBC’s primetime fans with his eclectic, sparkly and showstopping outfits.

But during Sunday’s figure skating team event coverage, Weir’s mountain-high pompadour hairstyle paired with a Zadige Voltaire sequin-fitted blazer, black button down shirt and a chunky embellished necklace had many on Twitter wondering if he should be hosting the "Hunger Games."

Many noted the similarities between Weir and "The Hunger Games" character Caesar Flickerman, the host for the movie's show of the same name. 


Weir promised to bring on the drama at the 2018 Olympic Winter games. He and Lipinski are donning coordinating outfits during their commentating gigs and have yet to disappoint fans. 

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