John Stamos Going Full Dental in “Glee”

John Stamos is ready to push the entertainment envelope next season on "Glee" as a singing, wooing dentist.

The season finale's revelation from Emma (played by Jayma Mays) on that she is "dating" her dentist will be fleshed out fully next season in the form of reoccurring appearances by the "Full House" icon, according to

While yet another bit of brilliant casting for viewers, it will be bad news for Emma's other suitor, Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison). Word is that Schue and the dentist will settle this thing the way "Glee" men do -- with the inevitable sing off.

Morrison certainly has shown he has the singing chops and even bested Neil Patrick Harris, as a returned high school rival, in their sing-off regional play audition this season. 

But Stamos has more than just a killer set of teeth for the part -- he's a Broadway veteran of "Bye Bye Birdie."  He's got the Broadway A-game. That, and the promise of eternal free toothbrushes is enough to woo any girl.

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