Kasich: ‘Exciting' Nomination Race May be Headed to Convention

The Ohio governor held a press conference on the state of the race.

John Kasich says it's important to "stop Mr. Trump," and predicts that if he wins his home state of Ohio March 15, the GOP primary likely will end with a contested convention in Cleveland.

The Ohio governor says the nomination fight is "probably" headed to a convention, "and it's gonna be the most exciting time."

While he largely declined to go after Trump, Kasich says he wants a "more positive approach" to finding solutions for the country. He's long declined to engage with his rivals, pledging to maintain a positive campaign. Kasich said Mitt Romney's blistering remarks against Trump on Thursday morning amounted to "fair criticism" but said voters who support Trump will not be swayed by people "trashing" the businessman.

He adds that the country is "not going to solve the problems in America by knocking the pieces off the chess board or yelling at somebody."

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