J.Lo’s Ex: “Maybe One Spanking” on My Tape

Lopez's former hubby says he's moving on with his life


Jennifer Lopez’s ex hubby says if someone has a sex tape of the famous singer and actress, it isn’t him.

"My tape is from our honeymoon, the wedding, us hanging out. There's no nudity—maybe one spanking,” Ojani Noa tells E! News. "There's moments of her fighting with her mom...couples having fun and kissing.”

Noa, whose union with Lopez in 1997 lasted all of 10 months, cops to having tried to sell his footage in the past.

But he says he’s moving on with his life, even though the title of a film he’s working on is “How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story."

Lopez has reportedly filed a $10 million lawsuit against Noa to keep the film from moving forward and tapes from their marriage private.

The singer and actress last sued Noa in 2007 to stop the release of a tell-all book of their relationship.

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