Jim Belushi Getting All Kinds of Serious

Jim Belushi is suddenly going very serious, and breaking out of a long-running lame comedy rut might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

The "SNL" performer is returning to the drama side with a CBS pilot "Defenders."

The project, from CBS Studios, centers on two charismatic and fiery Las Vegas defense attorneys who go to the mat for their clients, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In a sign that the world is not turning on its head, Belushi will work familiar territory as one of the attorneys with marital problems who drinks his sorrows away.

Belushi has been slumming it in the ABC family sitcom "According to Jim" which hasn't exactly enhanced the Belushi comedy name.  But he had a brief and bald-headed serious moment in Roman Polanski's "Ghost Writer" where he displayed more bite than he's shown in years. He was almost unrecognizable not only in his features, but also in snarl.

Long may that continue.

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