Brown: Republicans Can Read My Mind

Like a baseball pitcher who starts a game by throwing at the hitter's head, Gov. Jerry Brown began his State of the State speech by departing from his prepared text and firing a brushback at legislative Republicans.

Brown noted that Republicans had issued a response to his speech the previous day -- some 24 hours before he gave it.

"I'll let you in on a little secret," said Brown. "My speech wasn't finished 24 hours ago."

Addressing Republican leaders, he continued, "I didn't know you were psychics," and sarcastically congratulated the GOP on having the power of "pre-cognition" (the same power that the precogs had to predict future crimes in Steven Spielberg's film Minority Report).

Sticking in the knife, he added: "After the speech, I want to check with you on some stock tips."

Brown's riff was funny, but it also set a tone that won't make cooperation with Republicans any easier. Of course, Republicans weren't that inclined to cooperate with Brown even before the speech.

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