James Rogan Discusses Clinton Impeachment

Former member of the House of Representatives James Rogan talks about book his book, "Catching our Flag," the Clinton impeachment and about his own background in politics.

The now Superior court Judge, Rogan said he waited ten years to write the book on the impeachment because he wanted to make sure the facts weren’t colored by politics. He said he hasn’t changed his mind on what happened; only that he wished it hadn’t cost him his spot in Congress.

"I knew if I had cast that vote to impeach President Clinton…that it was going to cost me my seat in the House," he said.

Rogan said that Clinton gave him advice on getting into politics, telling him to attend law school so he would have a good background when he ran for office.

Rogan also says that part of the problem with how the impeachment took place was because President Clinton was very unforthcoming.

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