“Jackass” Bam Margera Faces the Woman Accused of Beating Him

PHI bam margera bat beating
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"Jackass" star Bam Margera faces the woman accused of beating him into bloody submission right outside his West Chester, Pa., bar earlier this month. He's due in court Thursday to testify against her.

Elizabeth Ray, known as "Ms. Liz" to neighbors, has complained for years about the noise outside Bam's bar, The Note, according to a witness. And Bam's mom says she's pretty sure her son has been paying Ms. Liz to settle her nerves. She's 59 and lives with her mom right behind the club.

"All I'll say is, my mother has owned this house for 60 years and she will not be disturbed," Ray told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Around closing time on Saturday, June 12, Ms. Liz allegedly beat Bam on the head with a bat or a pipe right outside the club. TMZ.com posted pictures of Bam, 30, on a stretcher in the middle of the street with his head between cushions.

A witness says Bam hurled a racial slur at Ray before he got whacked. Bam admits to Philadelphia Daily News columnist Dan Gross that he used the "b-word" but not the "n-word."

"I called her a crazy bitch and an idiot, but I definitely didn't use the n-word,"

Ray's charged with aggravated assault and related offenses.

The beating sent Margera to the intensive care unit with a severe concussion. Expect testimony to be anything but bland.


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