Jack Bauer Hopes to Start Shooting “24” Movie Next Spring

Part of what made "24" so groundbreaking was its real-time clock, as an entire day was played out over 24 one-hour episodes. So we have to ask, will this new feature film adaptation be called, maybe, "2"?

After years of false starts and dashed dreams, it looks like the "24" movie is finally ready to get underway in April, reported Deadline.

There's a script by Billy Ray ("The Hunger Games," "State of Play"), but no director as yet. Brian Grazer is producing.

The delay is to allow Kiefer Sutherland's schedule to clear up a bit, as he is currently filming a new series, "Touch," about a widower who lost his wife on 9/11, leaving alone to raise his autistic son, who is mute, but has the ability to predict future events based on seemingly random numbers.

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