‘It's Humbling:' Tennessee Family Sends Strength to Ukraine Through Rock & Roll Radio

The family is using short-wave radio to reach thousands in Ukraine and Russia

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A family is sending much-needed, positive messages to Ukrainians through a radio broadcast live from their home in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Broadcaster Ted Randall and his wife, Holly, are using short-wave radio that can reach thousands of listeners in Ukraine and around the world.

“These people are listening in bunkers. They are listening in shelters,” Randall said. “We are playing American rock and roll because our email responses have been saying, ‘Please, no news, we are tired of hearing the news.’”

In addition to rock and roll music, the family also plays messages they receive from listeners around the world sending support to Ukrainians.

“We play these things frequently,” Randall said. “And some of the messages that the folks here in the United States leave are wonderful heartwarming messages.”

The broadcast goes live through a 100,000-watt transmitter near the family’s house with help from the couple's son, David, who makes sure it turns into the right frequency.

“It’s humbling,” Randall said. “I just hate what these people are going through, and there’s just no good reason. I’m sorry. If we can touch lives through radio, then that’s our responsibility.”

To call WTWW and leave a message for those in Ukraine, call 833-390-5085.

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