Italy to Jersey Shore: “No Drinking, No Bars”

If the "Jersey Shore" cast thinks they're going over to Italy for one non-stop party, the mayor of Florence has some bad news for them.

According to the New York Post, Matteo Renzi, the mayor of Florence (which will serve as home base for the show) is laying down some strict guidelines for the MTV "reality" show. What are they? Oh, just...

The cast will not be filmed in bars and clubs serving alcohol.

They will not be filmed drunk in public places

The show will not in any way promote Florence as a drinking town

In other words, he's OK with MTV shooting "Jersey Shore" in his town, just so long as they shoot nothing resembling "Jersey Shore." This is like the contestants on 'Top Chef" being told they can't handle food. Renzi added that the show must also be framed in a manner that promotes Italian culture. (And no, hair gel is not Italian culture).

As if a show that's made up of mostly New Yorkers and has taken place in Miami and Italy yet still calls itself "Jersey Shore" isn't ludicrous enough, now it's being forced to be a travel show far removed from the elements that made it trainwreck watchable.

Can we finally bid this show Arrividerci now? 

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