ISIS Has 300 U.S. Ambassadors on Twitter: Report

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A new report reveals that at least 300 Americans are acting as ISIS ambassadors on social media — spreading propaganda and searching for potential recruits to join the terror group, NBC News reported. 

Researchers at George Washington University's Program on Extremism said Twitter is the platform of choice for U.S. based sympathizers, many of them women.

Even though Twitter takes their accounts down, new ones are created within hours and are retweeted by others to regain followers. 

The report identified American ISIS supporters who acted as online "spotters" for ISIS, and the researchers who monitored those accounts for six months were able to watch recruitment of recently converted Americans unfold in real time. 

The report also looked at how U.S. jihadists meet and recruit in person, uncovering small groups of apparent ISIS sympathizers in a number of cities.

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