Is That an iPad 2 Screen?

Veronica Belmont

Is it an iPad 2 screen or isn't it? Either way, photos have appeared on the Internet causing discussion and buzz about Apple new and top-secret project, the iPad 2, which is due out later this year.

The photos of the LCD screen  at 9-to-5 Mac were obtained by a repair shop before being sent to the site, "fresh out of China." Mark Gurman calls the display lighter and about a millimeter thinner than the original iPad.

However, many are suggesting there will be no retina display, but the display could be brighter and more energy- efficient than the original iPad. At least one analyst believes that the iPad 2 will focus on a thinner, more streamlined display with glare and reflection reduction -- mainly for use in sunlight, according to AppleInsider.  The iPad 2 will be competing head-to-head with's Kindle and needs to be as easy to use as the sunlight-friendly e-reader.

Perhaps that's the real reason that Apple is tightening up control on third-party apps, and requiring purchases to go through Apple? Perhaps this was all be part of the rising e-reader market and reduce some of the damage done by its competitors. At least by requiring purchases going through Apple, it will now get a cut of the profits and hurt its competitors at the same time.

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