iPad 3 Battery Might Last Over 20 Hours: Report

We're only months away from Apple's annual iPad release and the rumors are coming in hard and fast. This time, supply checks indicate that Apple might split the iPad into two models, the iPad 3 might have double the battery capacity of the iPad 2, along with the rumored Retina Display.

The iPad is starting to become the computer of general purpose computing. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron is planning to get his own iPad app.

DigiTimes reports that "industry sources" say that the iPad 3 will have a battery with 14,000mAh as opposed to the 6,500mAh battery in the iPad 2. I've got an original iPad and it easily gets around 11 hours on a single charge. A 14,000mAh battery could technically power an iPad for almost 20 hours.

The report also states that Apple could split the iPad into middle and high-end products. I'm reading it as a two-forked road; think iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Apple can sell a lower-priced iPad 2 and sell an iPad 3. A $300 or $350 iPad wouldn't be Amazon Kindle Fire low, but it would certainly change the public's perception of what's considered affordable.

Of course, if the iPad 3 does get that Retina Display, it'll naturally need a bigger battery to keep it powered anyway, and the battery might not be for doubling usage time.

What would you take? 20 hour battery or Retina Display?

DigiTimes, via TiPb

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