VIDEO: Driver Flings Men onto Sidewalk in Fight Outside Inwood Nightclub

Police are looking for the driver who was caught on video running down a group of men during a fight outside an upper Manhattan nightclub before speeding off early Sunday. 

In a video submitted to NBC 4 New York, three men can be seen trying to pull the driver from the car's open door outside the club on West 202nd Street.

After a few seconds, the driver speeds in reverse, flinging the men into the sidewalk and slamming the car door into a raised concrete tree box. Afterward, the driver zooms off down West 202nd Street with the car door still open.

After the car leaves, people are seen tending to one of the men on the ground.

One of the men was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition, the NYPD says.

Police also said they have the driver's New York license plate number, but wouldn't elaborate further on the altercation.

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