Interested in Setting Sail? A Look at the CDC's Latest Cruise Guidance

NBC 6 caught up to "The Cruise Guy," Stewart Chiron, who is onboard a CDC test cruise operated by Royal Caribbean

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When it comes to getting on a cruise ship, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending out a warning to passengers — stay home if you have a host of medical conditions.  

This is the latest warning when it comes to cruising and it is an all-in effort to protect passengers from COVID-19.

The CDC gave advice Friday to those considering setting sail: if you are over 50 your risk goes up. They warn that those over 80 are at much higher risk.

NBC 6 Miami caught up to "The Cruise Guy," Stewart Chiron, who is onboard a CDC test cruise operated by Royal Caribbean.  

“If you are at high risk you should stay home," Chiron said. "If you are unvaccinated you should not be on a cruise ship right now because the experiences are not going to be what you want and it's not going to be what the cruise lines want to deliver either.”

Among those who the CDC is warning to stay away from cruising are anyone with kidney disease, lung problems, dementia, diabetes, heart conditions and anyone who has ever smoked.

The updated guidance also recommended that travelers who are not fully vaccinated avoid taking cruises.

The new advice follows several coronavirus outbreaks that have been reported aboard cruise ships, according to the CDC.

In addition, although the agency is not putting in place the same type of masking requirements that exist for planes, trains and other public transportation, it suggested cruise passengers wear a face covering in shared spaces.

Chiron is at sea as often as he is out and about near his South Florida home. He told NBC 6 he feels safer now at sea.  

“At least 95 percent of all the passengers are fully vaccinated,”Chiron said. “I can tell you having been on my 5th cruise ship since June I feel safer on a cruise ship that I do at home, in an airplane, a hotel, or theme park.”

The agency advised all travelers to get tested one to three days before taking a cruise and three to five days after returning, regardless of their vaccination status. Those who take a cruise should also quarantine for seven days after returning, even if they test negative for the virus.

When it comes to the vaccinations, for now, Norwegian Cruise Line can ask passengers if they are vaccinated and to prove it because of its court victory over Gov. Ron Desantis.  

DeSantis is appealing to the federal appellate court in hopes of overturning the ruling made by Judge Kathleen Mary Williams in Miami. 

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