Inn Town Campground Celebrates 1st Year

Venture to Nevada City for a nature-nice, town-close camp-out experience.

NEITHER EITHER/OR BUT BOTH? That can be a tad tricky to find in this world, and it matters not what the theme or topic might be. For we humans so often long for a combo experience, something that's a bit sweet and a bit salty, something that has a dash of the sun as well as moonlight. Our choice, though, typically falls in the either/or section of choice-makery, and we must make do with one side of the fuller picture we long to know. Take camping, which is often a true in-the-woods happening. Then take an in-town visit, where one that has access to restaurants, shops, and theater. The two don't usually intersect, due to the nature of how far the woods stand from our citified lives, but a new intersection began up, in the summer of 2016, in Nevada City, with the combo, you-can-have-it-both-ways name of the...

INN TOWN CAMPGROUND: The trees-y, glamp-it-up destination just marked its first anniversary, and it continues to flicker on, like a campfire might, into its second year. You can arrive with your own tent or caravan, or you can book a glamping tent, a space that's fully set up with a bed. The social aspects include cornhole, movies, a swimming pool, a camp store, and a place to do laundry (as well as a kitchen), while the quieter aspects include the chance to keep close to your tent and commune with the trees towering above you. And as for the pleasures of funky Nevada City? The eateries of Broad Street are about a five-minute drive, as is the also-funky Outside Inn, a themed-room stay-over spot helmed by the founders of the Inn Town Campground. If you want trees, stars, and some chillness, and you also want access to a bookstore, a coffeehouse, and a tavern, there are few places to find both, and in such accessible fashion, but the Inn Town Campground is your town-woods middle meeting point.

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