World Emoji Day: 5 Billion Emojis Are Sent Daily on Messenger, Facebook Says

July 17 was named World Emoji Day because it's the date that appears on the calendar emoji

About 5 billion emojis are sent each day on Facebook Messenger, the social media giant said on Monday, World Emoji Day.

Many of those emojis might be kissing winky faces, the most popular one on Messenger in the United States, according to statistics released by Facebook to mark the day, which was first proclaimed by Emojipedia in 2014.

On Facebook, which sees just 60 million emojis posted each day, Americans (and Indonesians, too) preferred the rolling on the floor laughing emoji. Facebook users in Brazil and Mexico go gaga for the heart-eyes emoji, while the face throwing a kiss is popular in Italy and Spain. Globally, the tears of joy face was most used.

In the privacy of Messenger, the love seems to come out. Both Americans and Indians use the kissing winky face the most, while various heart emojis are the most popular in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Brazil and Thailand.

The first World Emoji Day was celebrated three years ago on July 17 because it's the date that appears on the calendar emoji, according to the official website.

This year, Twitter is expected to crowdsource ideas for new emojis, while the Empire State Building will be lit up yellow at night.

World Emoji Day Infographic_v9
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