Hot Rockers Electric Touch Talk Music and Munchies

Fresh off hit sets at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits festivals, Texas-based band Electric Touch is in the midst of a national tour and is gearing up to shoot a new music video for their upbeat dance-y single “Don’t Stop” off their new EP (October release).  We  chatted with the rockers about their music fest experiences, late-night food habits… and who uses the most hair product. Meet Shane Lawlor, Christopher Leigh and Isaac Strycker of Electric Touch.

How did your shows at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits go? What were the most interesting things you learned at these shows?

Christopher: The most interesting thing I learned was figuring out how I ended up with a tattoo during our weekend at Lollapalooza. Apparently I have a matching tattoo with someone.

Isaac: Both shows were amazing! So completely inspired by the energy of the crowds and by the interactivity of the festivals. Between the two shows I really began to understand the idea of getting back what you give as a performer. The more we all channel the emotion of the music, and put our hearts into the performance, the more the audience feels that connection and gives it back to us on stage. The synergy created is really beautiful.

Tell us a little bit about your new single “Don’t Stop” dropping in October. What was the driving inspiration behind this song?

Shane: Lyrically, the song is a Sunday morning reflection of a Saturday night in which you've met a person who makes you forget everything else and takes you to a place so special, you never want it to stop. Everybody has been there and felt the lust take over. Nothing else matters anymore, you're hooked. The music video is largely performance based--we want people to see the band playing so it can be like a live show for people who haven't seen us in person yet.

Isaac: "Don't Stop" is a pretty classic falling in love or lust story--you can be the judge of which it is. I think everyone can relate to it on some level.  I hope the video is an exhilarating ride through the passion and fleetingness of the themes in the song that elaborates the story line and drops us back off at the beginning wanting more.

What would our audience be most intrigued to learn about Electric Touch as a band?

Shane: As well as performing at pretty much every U.S. festival over the past three years we also supported Bon Jovi, The Bravery, Panic At The Disco, Heart, PJ Harvey, The Airborne Toxic Event and are hard at work gaining the attention of every music lover in America. Our songs are stories about the human condition presented in glorious technicolor rock and roll. Tales from the street, the dance floor, episodes from real life to a backdrop of guitars--we're basically the best band you've never heard of... until now.

Christopher: Electric Touch is a rock-n-roll band made up of five inclusive individuals from interesting backgrounds from all around the world. Internally, it's an international phenomenon we have yet to define & there seems to be no intentions to do so.

Who uses the most hair product in the band?

Shane: Ha! I had better watch what I say. No comment... Ask Louis.

Christopher: These curls are natural baby.

Isaac: I use a little product, but I've found that sleeping on it in just the right way is the key to getting it the shape I want. That and messing with it constantly.

What are your favorite late-night bites?

Christopher: Surprisingly, breakfast is my favorite late-night food. Eggs, bacon, toast... maybe it's my profession as we normally get home so late that the sun is already coming up.

Shane: Ice cream makes the world go around.

Isaac: Austin restaurants and food trailers including: East Side King (serves delicious and reasonably priced Asian fusion dishes) Kebabalicious gyros, and Stoney's pizza.

What are your favorite late-night pairings?

Shane: A bucket load of Raisinets washed down with a gallon-size vanilla malt shake. (Portions may vary)

Christopher: Ice-cream & root beer

Isaac: Ice-cold sake with Hamachi.

What are your favorite things to eat between two buns?

Shane: I'm a big fan of veggie hotdogs wrapped in bacon w/ caramelized onion, melted cheese and a little Dijon on a toasted bun.

Christopher: Fresh peanut butter, raspberry jelly, bananas & honey

Isaac: Pork Belly sandwich from East Side King, YUM.


Pictured above: Isaac Strycker with Questlove at Lollapalooza

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