Holy Facial Hair: National Beard and Moustache Championship

The National Beard and Moustache Championship in New Orleans gathered the best and bushiest from throughout the country — and some dramatic facial hair art. The World Championships are just ahead in Germany.

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Greg Anderson
SoCaler Jeffrey Moustache won a silver in the Verdi category at the recent Just for Men Beard and Moustache Championship in New Orleans. Many glorious beards and 'stachery was seen...
Greg Anderson
The Just for Men Beard and Moustache National Championships were held in New Orleans on September 7. Big Joe Johnson was a finalist in the Full Beard Garibaldi.
Greg Anderson
The competition drew men from all over the nation; competitor Ben Juergens arrived with an impressive 'stache.
Greg Anderson
Angeleno Al Underwood entered The Musketeer category and rocked it, scoring a perfect 25. The team behind the event compared this feat to scoring 300 in bowling.
Greg Anderson
Competitor Ben Ratell went with a classic Verdi.
Greg Anderson
A freestyle moustache was worn by Brooke Mahnken.
Greg Anderson
Dennis Dickerson recalled a certain colonel in facial hair styling (and sartorial styling, too).
Greg Anderson
Devin Cara went full. Very, very luxuriously, gloriously full.
Greg Anderson
Jackie Lynn Ellison took gold in the Imperial Moustache category.
Greg Anderson
The champion of the championships? Meet Mr. Jeff Langum and his championship-winning beard.
Greg Anderson
A Los Angeles man who did extremely well: Jeffery Moustache.
Greg Anderson
Mr. Moustache took a silver in the Verdi competition.
Greg Anderson
Jim Daly's fantastic facial hair is full of pure wow. WOW.
Greg Anderson
The Hungarian Moustache gold went to Jim McMahon.
Greg Anderson
The top placer in the Dali Moustache arena? Why Keith Haubrich, of course.
Greg Anderson
Michael Johnson's hirsute styling is very upwardly aspirational. Very.
Greg Anderson
Ross Steidel was the winner of the silver in Hungarian Moustache.
And the winner of the gold in Full Beard Freestyle? Mr. Xtopher Grey. The World Championships will take place in Germany in early November.
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All Los Angeles winners are members of the LA Facial Hair Society, which is holding its first beard and mustache competition on Oct. 12 in North Hollywood. For more info, click here. (Pictured here, actor Pierce Brosnan poses for a portrait.)
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