Holidays at The Del Boast Ocean-Close Skating, More

Skating by the Sea is just one of the twinkly to-dos on the seasonal schedule at the grand, Pacific-adjacent landmark.

Shishir Mishra

What to Know

  • Hotel del Coronado
  • Nov. 22, 2021-Jan. 2, 2022
  • Firepit packages, an outdoor ice rink, Holiday Movies on the Beach

WARM, COLD, SALTY, SANDY: When you call upon a classic hotel, the sort of elegant inn that's been mentioned in oodles of books, served as a stylish stop for generations of travelers, and even starred alongside some of Hollywood's most luminous movie stars, you expect to experience all sorts of wondrous things. And the Hotel del Coronado, that straight-from-the-Victorian-era, ocean-close, turret-tremendous landmark, delivers on that experiential front. The warmth you enjoy may be from a toasty drink, the cold from a just-shaken cocktail, and a stroll on the beach will probably be both salty and sandy, in equal measure. But when the end of the year is here, those sensations only deepen, thanks to The Del's famous holiday-themed pursuits.

AN OUTDOOR ICE RINK, situated not far from the beach, brings the cold, while bundling up for a holiday film screened near the water is about coziness. So are the popular firepits, which add a glow to December nights, and photos with Santa warms the heart. There are so many experiential activities to choose from that the historical hotel kindly puts together a whole page of what to expect when visiting as Hanukkah and Christmas grow near. If you're calling upon Coronado during Hanukkah, be sure to attend the nightly menorah lighting, which will take place in the hotel's Victorian lobby. And Victorian Teas? Those will take prettily pour in the property's celebrated Coronet Room. For all the sweet seasonal happenings flowering at this fabled place, peruse this pleasure-packed holiday hub now.

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