Historic Cemeteries of the Golden State

San Diego and Los Angeles both made a Weather Channel list.

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A PLACE OF PEACE: It can be said, with some amount of confidence, that every city has a cemetery. Some places may lack in other civic fixtures, but a final resting place for the town's denizens can usually be found, visited, and considered. That cemeteries have long been places of peace, then, makes true sense: Oftentimes they've been a village's only green or tree-shady place, meaning that families would gather both to remember a relative who had passed on and to enjoy some quality together time. In short? They haven't always been portrayed as spooky, as many a film and book would have it. The Golden State is home to some beautiful and moving final resting places. The cemetery outside of historic Bodie comes to mind first -- you can read about the Gold Rush town's first settlers -- but even larger cemeteries have plenty of atmosphere and elegance. The Weather Channel recently rounded-up 15 of the country's "Must-See Historic Cemeteries," and two California entries made the list.

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery: The tombstones tell the story here: Soldiers from the 1880s and on have found their final home at Fort Rosecrans, a quiet, reflective stretch that overlooks the Pacific from Cabrillo National Monument. Those who fought in history-famous conflicts, like the 1846 Battle of San Pasqual, rest here.

Hollywood Forever: The Los Angeles cemetery highlighted by the Weather Channel could not be more different. Rather than snugging against the ocean, it is found plunk in the middle of bustling, street-hectic Tinseltown. And it is Tinseltown indeed: Several silver-screen-y legends are found within, including Rudolph Valentino.

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